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Pure Awesome/Old Money For New Rope

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Album Cover Dark Side of the Moon

Flaming Lips: Dark Side of the Moon

Way back in 1973 Pink Floyd created their 8th studio album Dark Side of the Moon. It was the most commercially successful of their albums and one of the best selling albums of all time, managing to stay in the album charts for an amazing 741 weeks from 1973 to 1988, longer than any other album in history.

Fast forward 36 years and the ever amazing and creative Flaming Lips have got together and produced their own version of The Dark Side Of The Moon, featuring Henry Rollins, Peaches, Stardeath and White Dwarfs. Die hard Floyd fans might get a bit uppity about the whole thing, but as my scales weigh slightly heavier on the Oklahoma side of the Flaming Lips/Pink Floyd balance, I am more than content.

It definitely retains a feel of the original while still feeling like a brand new recording with the lo-fi effects and psychedelic noises that are Flaming Lips hallmarks. If you’ve heard both bands separately, you might think that there would be a horrible styles clash but actually they compliment each other very well.

Had the Lips attempted this prior to their mellower, later period (post The Soft Bulletin/Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots) I’m not convinced they could have pulled it off quite so well. They definitely showed elements of similar themes and style on Jesus Shooting Heroin the first album Hear It Is, so perhaps this has always been an album-in-the-covering. Despite the wait, this is definitely one to give a listen to for fans of both bands. New comers might find it a little inaccessible but stick with it and you will be rewarded.

Poor a drink, switch off the phone, get comfortable and turn down the lights for best listening experience

Here is a sample of the excellent Money to whet your appetitte

Let me know what you think and if you like it, please buy the album here Flaming Lips – The Dark Side Of The Moon


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No new article this week as I’ve been busy with work and was away all weekend.

Of course, this implies that I plan to write a new article each week (which I do) but lets not get our hopes up here.

End of the World Cult

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This was a piece that was originally written 13th December 2007. I’m just trying to kick-start things for myself here. I know there are some errors throughout but I couldn’t be bothered to go back and fix them now. Maybe later… Anyway, on with the show:

I watched a show on TV last night about a cult whose leader believed himself to be the son of God. The leader Michael had told the world, but mostly his followers, that the world was due to end at midnight on Halloween this year. Now, clearly this didn’t happen as that was over a month ago and well, I’m still here typing this for nobody.

All the way through the show, he was talking about this apocalypse that was imminent and how he was due to leave the sixty-six year old body that he had been inhabiting. We’d all answer to God’s view of right and wrong, and with him being the son of God, that he would obviously be in good favour with the man upstairs.

Despite all of these end of the world proclamations, the leader was very vague on actually what was going to happen come the stroke of midnight. As the show went on and it got closer to the date, his outlook changed somewhat. His previous claims that the world was just going to flat out end, gave way to suggestions of a much more subtle change that he himself was going to change somehow and receive a new body.

The crew wasn’t allowed to film on the actual event itself, probably as the leader knew full well that nothing was going to happen and that he’d look like a fucking idiot in front of the world. Either that or he was going to have sex with all the cult members, which leads nicely (for want of a better word) into my main concern of the story.

It came to light very early on in the show that the leader had the younger members of the (female) congregation come to him and tell him that God wanted them to lie naked with him. Seemingly he happily obliged and got them to lie naked with him on his bed while he put his arms around them. The girls claimed to feel the presence of God within them, but I think it was something else they were feeling inside of them. They had asked him to consummate their relationship and he was going to but he felt that it wouldn’t be just what God wanted right then. This all sounds a bit sleazy but acceptable, if this his how people wish to live their lives, only that the girls in question were mostly under sixteen years old. Which is probably why he changed his mind on the consummations, as he knew he would end up in jail getting ass raped in the showers.

I really could not care less is these people want to live on a farm community some place and live off the land and stay away from other folks, in fact I think it is a great idea. Let them think the world is coming to an end all they want, although I always find it amusing that these people regularly state “It ends at the stroke of midnight tonight!”, or whenever, but which timezone does the apocalypse work in? I find these people have a very high opinion on themselves to believe that their time zone is the one cool enough to get to lay dibs on the midnight. I’m getting away from the point here, so yeah, let them think the world is ending if they like, they are only getting themselves in a flap about something which, so far, has not happened (at least in no way like has been predicted but that is another argument for another time).

Sometimes it seems to give them a sense of joy to ‘know’ they are going to another place soon and that they will be with God soon. What the fuck makes them think this other place is going to be so good anyway? Most of these people reject society’s ways of living and craft out a life for themselves in some other way, so I have two conclusions:

1) They have actively chosen the life they live and so if life on earth is so terrible, then it is nobody’s fault but their own

2) The place they expect to go to will be full of all the things they like to have and like to do. In which case they are no different from the rest of the society that they have shunned, the only difference is that the rest of us are trying to get and do all that stuff now (or at least we should be). Going back to point one, the other place would most likely be like the place they are already in. If that’s the case then why the hell are they in such a big rush to get the fuck out of Dodge?

Forgetting the place they physically are for a moment, they may also say that they are dying to get to God, in which case they do not really believe that the guy they are following is the son of God. I say that because my limited Christianity knowledge tells me that the Holy Trinity: Father, Son and the Holy Ghost are one and the same. As a result they are currently sat with God himself. Really, I just do not think these people have logically thought this through and just accepted what has been fed to them, much like the rest of the world. Only because there are so many of us believing the same lies it almost starts to make them true, and also it is always the minority that gets ridiculed.

All of that is besides the point, because there is a creepy old man lying naked in bed with underage girls and hugging them. Does he have to be touching their naked bodies with his hands for it to be ‘touching them up’? Or will his naked body pressed against them be enough?

Not only that but under the guise that God told him he had to, he had sex with his son’s wife, more than once. When asked why he had to do it more than one time he replied, with a smirk, something to the effect of, “Do I really need to answer that? When you consummate with your wife for the first time do you not do it again?” Basically saying, he did it the first time because he had to but after that it was all for fun. His son was in the room when he was telling the reporter this, and he looked to be (understandably) very distraught about the situation but because his dad had brought him up to believe that he was the son of God, he had to just accept it as ‘God’s will’.

The children he was getting involved with had been raised on the cult site and had never known anything else, so even if the cult disbanded they are going to have a really hard time adjusting to society again and accepting that maybe it is not OK for a creepy old man to lie naked with you and hug under the guise that he is the Messiah incarnate. In that way this is a harmful activity, all the other beliefs are fine about God, Jesus and the end of the world but frankly borderline child abuse is wrong and something which will have far reaching ramifications in these kids lives. Even if the kids never change their opinion of Michael (the leader) they will still have a hard time adjusting to life anywhere else.

That last statement prompts a further argument of whether that is societies intolerance to other peoples systems for living, but I doubt very much that the general public is not aware of its’ own bigotry. I also doubt that is going to change anytime soon, which still leaves the issue that the children involved are going to find it hard to fit in with the rest of society if they ever happen to leave. On further reflection it is not even just society’s intolerance of the kids but the kids intolerance of society and the new ways of living that they will encounter and not have any way to deal with, which may lead to depression and other disorders. This last bit is merely conjecture but you get the point.

Just to give you a frame of reference, here’s a picture of Michael, the leader and next Messiah.

The New Messiah or just a pervert?

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Jacob Marley was dead to begin with…

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I’ve set up this blog to try and get into the habit of regular writing. Not writing about anything in particular, just things that have caught my attention.

I used to be OK at this, lets see if I’ve still got the magic….


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